About Bradford Ventilation

Bradford Ventilation, a CSR Bradford company, is a leading researcher and manufacturer in wind and hybrid ventilation products for the homes and businesses.

Established in 1934, Bradford Ventilation (originally known as Edmonds) is a pioneer in home, commercial and industrial ventilation solutions in Australia as well as across the globe.

Bradford Ventilation is passionate about delivering superior comfort and performance whilst reducing its impact on the environment. It is this vision of a 'sustainable future' which has resulted in the design and development of many energy efficient innovations. These include passive, wind-driven, powered and hybrid ventilation technologies.

With strong synergies between insulation and ventilation in the building industry, Bradford Ventilation became part of the CSR Building Products in 2005, complementing its vision to create Technologies for a Sustainable Future.

Where Bradford Ventilation products are used

Residential Home Buildings

Odyssey on roof

Bradford Ventilation is the leading manufacturer of residential ventilation products in Australia. A wide range of wind driven, electrical powered, hybrid and air exchange ventilators are offered for the home including:

  • Roof space ventilation
  • Living space ventilation
  • Sub floor ventilation
  • Skylights
  • Vehicle ventilation.

Commercial and Industrial Buildings


Bradford Ventilation commercial industrial vents are available from 100mm to 900mm sizes, in mill or powder coat finishes, and with a variety of accessories for flexible ventilator design to suit a broad range of commercial and industrial buildings. A special range of I-Duct and E-Duct vents is available for sewer and water treatment facilities. Applications include:

  • Removal of excess heat
  • Improving humidity control
  • Exhausting indoor pollutants
  • Removal of odours
  • Improvement of air quality
  • Reduction of metal roof corrosion for water storage reservoirs
  • Smoke spill management
  • Reducing heat build-up surrounding electrical/control equipment
  • Sewage tanks and pipes
  • Water storage facilities

Experienced and trusted

With our broad range of experience, testing and product development, Bradford Ventilation has amassed an extensive knowledge bank of data, as well as usage, design and vent applications. For commercial and industrial projects, a proprietary ventilation scheme can be designed and developed based on the usage of Bradford Ventilation's ventilators under the AS4740 standard. Recommendations will be personalised and based on performance output of the individual project.

At Bradford Ventilation we pride ourselves on having the best products and the best people. We have been researching and manufacturing ventilation products for over 80 years. During this time we have sold our Australian made products all over the world, and built up extensive technical expertise, backed up by our own and independent testing.

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