Bradford Ventilation views sustainability as the ability to maintain and develop performance in the long term. We recognise that in order to sustain success in the industry, we must provide a safe workplace and act in an environmentally responsible manner while also growing our business.

We focus on three areas of sustainability:

  • Workplace responsibility: safety of our people
  • Environmental sustainability: recycle and reuse materials and reduce wastage
  • Business sustainability: product quality, product suitability and product contribution to sustainability in terms of performance.

Workplace responsibility

As a part of CSR Bradford, we take safety seriously. We believe that people, whether they are working inside or outside the premises, have a fundamental right to a safe and healthy workplace.

Staff are inducted in a detailed, site-specific process. Controls are put in place for risks associated with routine tasks, and regular training days are held to equip emergency responders to tackle rare potential losses.

As a result, we have sustained a zero lost time injury (LTI) rate for over eight years and we will continue to focus on safe work practices.

Environmental Sustainability

We engineer and manufacture an array of ventilation products, as well as other components used in the HVAC industry. As would be expected in our business, an assortment of raw materials are consumed, and, although minimal, a variety of waste is generated during our production process.

To effectively use these materials, we have implemented processes to reduce, separate recyclables and reuse offsets.


A great deal of investment and design improvement has gone into the reduction of process waste caused by faulty equipment and defects. Regular equipment maintenance and quality-related checks have lead to an increase in our productivity efficiency and even greater efficiencies in our energy and resource use.


Plastic offsets, trimmings and components that don’t pass our stringent quality checks are collected and recycled through the process at approx. 10 wt%.


We have put processes and controls in place to separate rare metals, waste paper, cardboard and other materials generated from manufacturing. They are recycled by outside contractors.

Business Sustainability

Our vision of ‘Technologies for a sustainable future’ has driven the design and development of many energy efficient innovations including our hybrid ventilation technology, EcoPower and Odyssey.

We design and manufacture our range of ventilation products at our ISO9001 accredited facility in Seven Hills, New South Wales, Australia.

Our commitment to sustainability led to winning the AIRAH Excellence in Sustainability Award in 2013 for Odyssey and the Achiever Award in 2008 for EcoPower. We also achieved the Good Design Award at the 2013 Australian International Design Awards for Odyssey and Master Builders Australia 2012 National Export Award.

Note: ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System (QMS) – focuses on Disciplined Problem Solving, Continual Improvement and Enhancing Customer Satisfaction; allows top management to drive improvement through synchronizing quality management system results with business performance results.

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