Innovation, Research and Development is a core part of Bradford Ventilation. Regarded as a leading innovator, our R&D team design and develop most of our products in Australia in an ISO 9001 Australian manufacturing facility.

Bradford Ventilation's continual investment in research and development through our innovation team enables us to focus on improving performance of  whole of building ventilation across residential and commercial and industrial buildings. In addition, the worldwide push to reduce fossil fuel consumption has led to an increased demand for energy efficient natural ventilation innovation such as WindMaster®, SupaVent® and Hurricane®.

Our mission of “Technologies for a sustainable future” has lead us to develop tools and products to deliver better ventilation performance. Our knowledge of ventilation is extensive, yet it continues to grow through our research projects and partnerships with leading industry association and research centers. 

This has led us to develop the world’s first true hybrid ventilators - the multi award winning EcoPower and Odyssey.  Hybrid ventilators allow exhaust air change rates to be driven solely by natural forces, or by natural and mechanical means. This combination of natural and mechanical ventilation can provide energy efficiency with performance certainty as well as reduce the causes of sick building syndrome (SBS).  Hybrid ventilation products like Bradford Ventilation EcoPower® and Odyssey® minimise energy consumption, while maintaining acceptable indoor air quality and thermal comfort.

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