Schools, auditoriums and gymnasiums

A well designed good ventilation system is can improve the environment for schools, auditorium, gyms and mixed used halls. As most of these buildings are enclosed and many people are gathered in the same place, the air quality indoor can decrease as people sweat, kick up dust particles, and exhale heavily, so creating more carbon dioxide with every breath.

A well ventilated building can:

Eliminate smell

Bacteria and fungus thrives in damp humid conditions. A well ventilated building, using Bradford Ventilation ventilators, can reduce and control humidity levels within the enclosed area.

Decrease infections, asthmas and other respiratory issues

During exercise many of us inhale through our mouth, bypassing the body’s natural filters, and air goes straight into the lungs. Breathing in spores and dirt where the air-flow isn’t properly maintained could cause more harm than good.

Increase comfort and performance

Excessive heat build-up inside a building can cause discomfort and decrease concentration and performance.

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