Egg Crate (EC) and Egg Crate (EC) Damper Grilles

Egg crate (EC) and Egg crate (EC) damper grilles are designed for use with Hurricane and EcoPower ventilator. The grilles allow air supply to be drawn from the enclosed area of a building i.e. classroom or office. It has unique type of criss-cross aluminium forms an egg crate appearance. These grilles are also used in crowded indoor environment where there is a high need for regular fresh air replenishment such as retail outlets, hotels, and other commercial applications. The aluminium grille is powered coated white to provide further rigidity to the construction.

The egg crate (EC) damper grilles are fitted with an openable and closable damper to allow or restrict airflow.

Features and benefits

Features and benefits

  • Made of corrosion resistant powder coated aluminium
  • Extension attachment provided to open and close damper flap
  • Allows stale, hot air to be extracted by your Bradford Ventilation roof vent
  • Easy manual operation, Rotating square knob anti-clockwise to open and clockwise to close
  • Close damper to retain heat when required
  • Open damper to promote room ventilation
  • Available in 2 sizes 400 x400mm and 600 x 600mm

Product Suitability

Always check product suitability and limitations of use prior to selection - refer to the Product Technical Statement (PTS) available online.
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