Custom made Special Bases

Edmonds Hurricane® range and EcoPower®, the standard base is called a “varipitch”. It can be adjusted on site to suit a variety of roof angles. A complete ventilator unit encompass a turbine top, varipitch and flashing.

Installations of ventilators where roof pitch or roof slop exceed the variptich’s maximum adjustable angle or where additional clearance is needed (to avoid wind shadows or inclusion of a damper), an Edmonds’ custom made Special Bases can be used. The neck and flashing plate are fabricated together for strength and are made to the exact pitch of the roof.

Edmonds has 3 primary types of special bases:
  1. Round Spigot bases: commonly used on old saw tooth roofs of characteristic steep pitch
  2. Square to Round bases: provide slight addition strength, flow rate and weather tightest
  3. EX bases: in essence, an EX base is a spigot neck sent to site rolled but not fastened. The roofer on site can rivet the two ends of the rolled neck together via the pre-laser cut holes. This enables many necks to be sent in the one carton thereby saving on freight, especially on large orders.
  4. Each special bases type has variation for slope, ridge or pyramid mount.

Mill finish or powder coated options to match most COLORBOND® colours.

 Square to round
 Slope  Type 1
 Type 3
 Ridge  Type 2
 Type 4
 Pyramid  Type 7
 Type 6

Product Suitability

Always check product suitability and limitations of use prior to selection - refer to the Product Technical Statement (PTS) available online.