A smart air exchange system proving cooler fresher air in summer and warmer outside air in winter, with condensation management and healthier air quality.

Odyssey is an automated, smart air exchange system that provides a more comfortable and healthier environment throughout the home.

Airomatic TVC - because ventilation makes it nicer inside

The system provides cooler, fresher air on hot, stifling summer days and a more comfortable night’s sleep. It removes the heat build-up from inside walls and floors during the day and reduces wasted energy consumption if used in conjunction with an air conditioning system.

In the cooler months, warmer outside air can be brought into cold, damp rooms in the home. Humidity sensors monitor and manage moisture levels to reduce potentially damaging condensation in the roof space all year round.

A manual BOOST function allows the home owner to manually use the system as required, especially when getting rid of odours in the home

Poor air quality in the home can affect those with breathing problems. The partnership with Sensitive Choice endorses the Odyssey system in terms of its ability to reduce the impact on those suffering from asthma and allergies.

The Bradford Ventilation Sonair air filtration system works well with the Odyssey system in situations where the home or building has to be tightly sealed due to problems with outside air quality, such as high levels of vehicle fumes or proximity to factory or industrial sites

Visit the Odyssey website now for more information about this innovative product: www.odyssey.com.au



  • Suitable for most homes with sufficient roof space to install the system
  • Reduction of heat in roof spaces and living areas
  • Management of moisture and condensation in roof spaces
  • Suitable for metal and tiled roofs and most roof colours
  • Residential homes and commercial/public buildings
  • Can be used with the Sonair air filtration system when outside air quality is poor and has potential health related issues
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