Sonair Air Filtration System

An Australian certified air filtration system enabling the intake of filtered air when noise or fumes compromise the quality of outside air - ideal with Odyssey.

Sonair is a mechanical air filter designed to ensure a controlled and quiet supply of fresh, filtered, outdoor air to home and building occupants.

Sonair is commonly used to supply filtered fresh air to rooms where windows need to be closed to avoid an influx of noise and/or unpleasant fumes (carbon filter required).

The Sonair system is ideal in combination with the Odyssey air exchange system. Odyssey relies on the intake of fresh, cooler air whereby Sonair can supply filtrated, quality air for the Odyssey system when air intake into the home of building is polluted, limited or restricted.

Sonair is mounted on the inside of an exterior wall and draws in outdoor air through a wall sleeve. The fan is mounted in a sound absorbing chamber, which absorbs the fan and air movement noise, as well as most external environmental noise.

The Sonair system is certified in Australia to meet health requirements. Sonair is supplied with a standard G3 particle filter and an optional carbon filter is available for the removal of odours.



  • Suitable for homes or commercial/public buildings
  • Ideal for internal living or working areas where the outside air is polluted or there are high noise levels
  • System is located in exterior wall with an inflow to an interior living or working area
Features and Benefits