Condensation on windows and walls

Controlling moisture and humidity levels will not only make your home more comfortable, it will also help keep your family healthy and improve your home's structural durability. It will also help your home to become more energy-efficient and less costly to heat and cool.

Find the source

To find the solution to your moisture and condensation issue, the size and location of the issue must be identified. If the mould or water spot is localised then you might be dealing with a leak, please find a trusted plumber immediately. If the problem affects a large area like a whole room or wall, it might be caused by humidity. Is it in the roof space attic? The sub floor basement? In a bathroom? On the living room wall?


Once you have identified the size and location of the problem then the best approach is to prevent moisture coming into your home and make sure humid air is exhausted.

First make sure your home has an appropriate barrier to prevent moisture from creeping into your home and causing humidity levels to rise. If your home has a under floor basement, the dirt floor should be covered in a polyethylene ground cover. If need be, install a ventilator such as EcoFan to continuously dry out the soil and prevent standing water.

The most effective way to control moisture is via air movement. Moisture transfer by air movements happens quickly. Air moves from high pressure areas to lower pressure areas by the easiest path available. Ventilators can be used to create air movements and control moisture in your home, especially in kitchen, bathrooms and living areas.

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