Eliminate odours in your home

Everyone wants to walk into their home and be greeted by fresh, clean-smelling air. Homes with fresh air feel clean, healthy, fresh and inviting. On the other hand, odours in the home can cause discomfort and embarrassment especially for guests. Sometimes, it is difficult to pinpoint what is causing an odour or that faint musty smell. It is important to track down the odour source and take steps to eliminate it.

Odour can be regarded as a pollutant or is an indicator of a pollutant. It sometimes can alert the home occupant to potential risk, such as mould. If you have a musty smell in your home, it might be due to the presence of mould. If you suspect mould is present in your home, it is strongly recommended you seek a trusted plumber or builder to find the source. Other sources of odour are caused by everyday occupant behaviour such as cooking fumes and perspiration.

A well ventilated home with adequate access to sunlight, can improve fresh air and eliminate odours.

10 tips to prevent or eliminate odours

10 tips to prevent or eliminate odours

  1. Empty garbage promptly and frequently to prevent waste odours.
  2. Store food properly, preferably in air tight containers.
  3. Clean refrigerator frequently to prevent odours and mould.
  4. Keep dining and cooking area clean to avoid odours and attracting pests.
  5. Turn rangehood on during and well after cooking.
  6. Ventilate bathroom during and after shower to prevent mould and musty stale air.
  7. Repair damage to walls and roofing as soon as possible to eliminate the potential for moisture entering the home.
  8. Regularly and thoroughly clean your home.
  9. Fix plumbing leaks to prevent water wastage and mould.
  10. Change your dish washing sponge and clean/wash cleaning tools regularly.
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