5 Practical Tips For Cooling Down Your Warehouse For Summer

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Temperature control in warehouses can be a major issue for employers. Staff wellbeing and productivity can be impacted by excessive heat, and both stock and machinery can be damaged in hot, poorly ventilated buildings.

With the recent heatwaves around Australia, there has never been a better time for warehouse owners to consider the working environment of their staff as well as the condition of their products and equipment.

There are numerous steps warehouse owners can take to cool their building in summer, here are just a few:

1. Remove hot air during the day

Efficient ventilation of warehouses removes excessive heat as well as moisture, fumes, smoke, and dust build-up. Wind and hybrid ventilation products not only help protect goods and machinery, but also assist in creating a better workplace for warehouse staff, increasing wellbeing and productivity. CSR Bradford Ventilation’s Commercial and Industrial Product Selector can be used by warehouse owners to find an effective ventilation solution to suit their building and its function. Portable industrial fans are also beneficial in large warehouse spaces to keep air moving and cool areas that aren’t in reach of air conditioning units.

2. Turn off heat source

An easy and practical step to keep the building cool is often forgotten – turning off any machines or electronics before you leave for the day. Eliminating the use of any items that aren’t essential throughout the night will help cut down on heat being generated, and assist ventilation systems in cooling the building more efficiently.

3. Take advantage of cooler night air

Commonly used in commercial applications to improve the building’s ability to be kept cool is night purging – replacing hot inside air with cool night air from outside through the use of HVAC cooling and ventilation. Night purging works by employing the concept of stack ventilation which takes advantage of hot air rising and cold air sinking due to their pressure differences. The Bradford Ventilation EcoPower true-hybrid ventilation technology is one ventilation system that draws cool night in whilst purging the hot daytime air.

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4. Ensure adequate insulation

Insulation prevents cool air from escaping on hot days and is worth investing in to help control the temperature of warehouses and other commercial buildings. High quality insulation will also provide acoustic benefits and increased fire protection. CSR Bradford has a range of insulation to suit most commercial and industrial needs.

5. Consider a white roof

If it’s time to update the roof, opt for a white one. White or any light coloured roofs are naturally better at reflecting sunlight and heat radiation, which will help slow down the process of heat building up in your warehouse.  White is a popular colour choice for reflective roofs, however, reflective coating treatments could be applied to darker roofs to reduce solar absorptance. 

Following these tips will help warehouse owners stay on top of heat and keep productivity levels high throughout summer. Want to know more about controlling temperature in warehouses and other buildings? Contact Us!

31 Jan 2016
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