EcoFan Twin Pack Deal

EcoFan Twin Pack

Powered sub floor ventilation for condensation management

EcoFan® is our powered sub floor ventilator with a powerful air flow to get rid of damp, stale air and odours from, or bring fresh air into under floor areas. Improving the air quality reduces damaging under floor condensation, unwanted pests and vermin and creates a healthier environment.

Three preset fixed speed settings can be used for the continuous and reliable reduction of damaging condensation and stale, damp air throughout the year.

Twin Pack now available

EcoFan Twin Pack underfloor airflow diagram

With a twin pack, create a continuous flow of fresh sub floor air with two EcoFans - one creates an inflow of fresh air, the other extracts the damp, stale air.

Click here to visit the EcoFan page.

04 Nov 2015
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